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Children's Recommendations

Nonye, Year 4

There is this lovely book called Ampatha and  the Scarlet Macaws .I like it because it is full of adventures. My favourite character is called the Ice Witch.I like her because the author describes her very well.The writer had lovely descriptions but he could had use more metaphors and describe more about the jungle.This story has made me put myself really there as if I was watching this happen.I would recommend this book for 3,4,5,and 6.Please read this book!! Please!!



Yoma, Year 4

Panic In Space:I liked this book because it was about a boy who went to space and tried to catch a thief that try to take over the planets. 

Kotryna, Year 3

Sparky at the magic school by Ruby Nashthis book is all about Sparky at the magic school.Sparky was sleeping in his bed suddenly he heard a whooshing sound he told his best friend Sox about the whooshing.I liked the book because it has lots of exciting parts example when Carl  had Sparky as his pet.I like Sparky because he is very friendly and kind.What the writer really done well is the similes.The story made me feel excited because it was very cool.My friends should read this book because  it is very exciting.