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Digital Leaders

Our Digital Leaders are students who are passionate about computing and want to help lead computing forwards in our school. The children were asked to respond to a job advertisement and after completing an application form, providing references and going through a tough interview process, our first crop of Digital Leaders were chosen!


They had two whole days of training and play an important role in our school. Their responsibilities include:


  • Researching new software and ideas for learning.
  • Running workshops for teachers and the wider school community.
  • Running an ICT club for younger children.
  • Maintaining the school website or blog.
  • Helping teachers with simple technical problems.
  • Being responsible for simple technical set up.


Keep on visiting this page to find out what our Digital Leaders have been up to


Khalifah (Year 6) - "I wanted to become a digitial leader so that I can help the school with it's IT"



Michael (Year 5) - "I really enjoy setting up the iPads and also helping the other children who don't know as much about the iPads as me thats why I became a digital leader"



Seterah (Year 5) - "I wanted to become a digital leader so that I could help people get better at IT"


Nonye (Year 5) - "I wanted to be a digital leader because I just love IT and find it really interesting and fun"


David (Year 5) - "Some people struggle with IT and I wanted to help other people improve their skills thats why I was desperate to become a digital leader"



Ano (Year 4) - "I wanted to join digital leaders because I love researching on the iPads and find fun to learn using apps"