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Saint Anne's Catholic Primary just love to listen, perform and create music in a variety of ways. Please explore our music page to find out what our musical maestros have been up to! 

Our Music Vision:


The great philosopher Plato once stated that: “Music is a moral law, it gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and charm and gaiety to life and to everything.” Here at Saint Anne’s we also believe in the message that Plato recorded over a century ago by striving to allow every child to have happy, meaningful, purposeful musical experiences in their time as a pupil. It is our vision for music to be recognised as a subject in its’ own right as one that is logical, spiritual and artistic; one that has a link to every curriculum area and it’s importance in child development to not be understated as recent research has shown.


We believe that Music is a pertinent, important subject that teaches children several key aspects such as;


  • How to express themselves in a creative way 
  • Using music as a means to explore a range of emotions
  • Understand how music can be and is unique to both countries and cultures and therefore identity 
  • Know that music is unique to each individual 
  • Finely tuned listening, appraisal and performance skills that increases confidence and raises awareness of self-achievement 
  • Becoming sensitive and well aware of the impact music has had and captured in the world around us (both past and present)
  • That learning an instrument is a life-long skill which will bring enjoyment for many years


Our aims for every child;

  • Learn to use our singing voices expressively and appropriately 
  • Learn how to use tuned and untuned percussion instruments effectively to create a desired sound
  • Have the opportunity to learn an orchestral or otherwise recognised musical instrument 
  • Have a sense of awareness of audience and performance environment 
  • Maintain the ability to perform solo and as part of an ensemble
  • Respond to their own, each others ,live and recorded music through appraisal skills and discussion
  • Have a strong understanding of the inter-related dimensions of music  in order to both play and compose pieces
  • Engage pupils in a variety of musical experiences that will ignite their imagination, engagement and involvement at all ages


Saint Anne's Catholic Primary School Music Policy

Liverpool Resonate Music Hub- Music Services for School Children


Saint Anne's Catholic Primary School are delighted to work so closely with Liverpool Resonate Music Hub who provide us with fantastic educational support. However... did you know that Liverpool Music Services are available outside of "school" also?  


Does your child express interest in singing?

Does your child play an instrument and would like to perform? 

Does your child simply love music? 


If the answer is yes to any of the above please contact Resonate Music Hub for more information- please see the web-page below for more details.

50 years of ... The Summer Of Love


Our wonderful city of Liverpool has played host and served as the home to many great artists including a "small" local group also known as The Beatles! This Summer at Saint Anne's Catholic Primary School we will be working on a whole school performance to commemorate 50 years since their album release of "Sgt Pepper". A ground breaking album that influenced music, art, poetry and social movements. We look forward to inviting our parents to watch and participate in our performance. 


When I'm 64...

To further celebrate 50 years of... The Summer Of Love, our choir, music club and Musical Theatre Group will be participating in a sing along with BBC Radio Merseyside on Thursday June 8th at 10:30 am. How exciting!  Here is a YouTube clip of the song for you to enjoy!

Good Shepherd Mass 2017


Saint Anne's are delighted to be taking part in the Good Shepard Mass taking place at the Metropolitan Cathedral. Our dedicated KS2 singing group will be performing in the mass with rehearsals scheduled with both Saint Anne's staff and Metropolitan Cathedral staff!

Liverpool Peace Proms- January 28th 2017!


Saint Anne's were delighted to participate in the Liverpool Peace Proms which took place in the fantastic location of The Liverpool Echo Arena. Our choir performed with a live orchestra as well as with other choirs from Merseyside! The cheers from the crowd were so loud! We felt very proud of ourselves and look forward to participating January 2018! To read all about the Liverpool Peace Proms and how successful it was, here are some useful links;


Foundation Stage's Musical Experiences

Year 6's Toilet Twinning Concert

A group of Year 6 girls recently gave and performed for the children of St. Anne's to raise money for their toilet twinning charity project. Congratulations "Little Fifth Harmony" (and their manager, choreographer and PR manager) on a wonderful, well rehearsed, beautifully sung performance that kept everyone entertained as well as raised money for a great cause. 

Our Choir

Still image for this video
Our choir works very hard to sing beautiful pieces for all to enjoy!

Live Opera courtesy of Resonate's iSing 2016 event

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Year 2 enjoyed their first experiences of live opera music performed in the Liverpool Hall. The performance was kindly organised by our Music Networking Hub; Resonate.