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Our School Councillors

The School Council is the voice of the children. The Council consists of two representatives in each year from Year 2 to Year 6. New representatives are elected by the children each school year. Prospective School Councillors have to convince their class that they are the right person for the job.


The Council meets once a month where they contribute to school improvement and work together to ensure the health and wellbeing of all members of the school community.


After each meeting the Councillors are given time to feed back to their class.

Being a School Councillor provides the opportunity to learn real-life skills take on responsibilities and be involved in decision making. In the last academic year the council considered and reviewed playtime games, road safety and our lunch menus.


Everyone really loves the responsibility of being on the school council which is a much valued school voice!


Our school council was very successful last year - they were responsible for devising a new yummy menu in our canteen. They have also helped to improve the KS2 yard by choosing our new equipment whilst working to a budget.


I wonder what our new councillors will achieve this year?


Come back soon to see the results! 


Sui Lin - (Year 6) - "I wanted to improve the school for me and my friends and I thought that our ideas will be heard if I was on the School Council."





Muhand (Year 6) - "I wanted to improve the sports within the school this is really important to me and made me really want to become part of the School Council."



Nonye (Year 5) - "I really want to make the school a better place and I decided the best way to do this was through the School Council."



David (Year 5) - "To help improve the school environment was the main reason I decided I wanted to become part of the School Council team."



Rozelin (Year 4) - "I want to improve the school for kids and help with decisions this is why I really wanted to become a member of the School Council."



Reagan (Year 4) - "I really wanted to be apart of the School Council to see what I can do for the school and to get my ideas about school to Mrs Sheilds."



Alara (Year 3) - "I joined the School Council so that I could help people in school and so my ideas about the playground would be heard."



TJ (Year 3) - "I wanted to be apart of the School Council so that I can do good things for my school and help get my classmates ideas across."



Julia (Year 2) - "I wanted to be on the School Council so we get to do exciting things and its fun to be involved in important issues in the school."



Theo (Year 2) - "I like speaking to Paula about my ideas and what is going on in the school that's why I wanted to be on the School Council."