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School Development Priorities 2017-18



St Anne’s is fully committed to collaborative learning and the
  impact of high quality research programmes.

 We benefit from close working relationship with:

  • DGT collaborative
  • Our Parish
  • Local community
  • City & North SEND Consortium
  • LPHA
  • LPHA steering group
  • Liverpool Learning Partnership

 Through research we are currently benefiting from impact of:

  • Metacognitive Strategies (L2L)
  • John Moores University
  • Accelerated Reading
  • EYs Maths Hub (St Helens)
  • 2017/18 working with John Moores on a research programme investigating the importance of movement on cognitive development in children up to age 7.

 Our SDP priorities will be further supported via the Liverpool

 NB: St Anne’s has been developing a School Readiness Programme
 since 15/16. This was in response to DFE paper Are You Ready along with  school Self Evaluation.


Priority 1

The Achievement of Pupils

Focus – Developing strategies to increase attainment for all groups and in particular:

  • disadvantaged pupils (PP),
  • middle attaining girls in Maths KS2
  • reading and writing across EYs and KS1 so that the school moves closer to National Average in reading, writing and maths.
  • Continue to improve rates of progress and challenge for all pupils in Early Years so that the percentage achieving Good Level of Development at the end of reception moves closer to National Average.
  • Continue to raise the percentage of children attaining Age Related Expectations and above in reading, writing and maths across KS2 by embedding the success of resources introduced 2016/17.
  • Increase the percentage of children  achieving  Age Related Expectations in Phonics  at Year 1 as we continue to embed
  • Implement our new curriculum in order to develop and enrich the children’s learning – broaden their horizons and raise expectations.
  • Regularly review interventions and challenge strategies to ensure effective impact and support for most vulnerable groups across all key stages.


Priority 2

The Quality of Teaching, Learning and Assessment

Focus – Develop and further embed elements of excellent teaching.

  • Review and update our Teaching and Learning File to further support consistency in expectations and approaches across the school.
  • Maintain and  further develop our DOTT (Developing Our Teaching Together) approach to internal CPD. 
  • Implement and embed the revised Marking and Feedback Policy.
  • Develop further our robust Assessment Procedure for all groups and our tracking systems for all subjects in order to accurately and swiftly target appropriate actions and improve progress and attainment for all.
  • To implement a robust action plan to support raising standards in science across the school.  
  • To monitor learning through a robust system of Learning Observations, Learning Walks and Feedback Sessions to ensure all Teaching and Learning is  at least good.
  • To implement  our Creative Challenge Curriculum and work collaboratively to review and revise cross curricular opportunities and embed The PREVENT Agenda.
  • Aim to have all our excellent work recognised by achieving Gold in Liverpool Counts Quality Mark and renewing our Basic Skills Award.


Priority 3

Effectiveness of Leadership and Management

Focus – Continue to develop leadership capacity at all levels including governance to improve outcomes for all pupils.

  • Headteacher and Governors to secure substantive Deputy Headteacher and  Senior Leadership Team by Jan 2018.
  • Develop St Anne’s Succession Planning and Funding strategy to enhance leadership in response to expanding school size (Teaching, Support and Administrative Staff) (3yr plan).
  • Work collaboratively with the DGT Schools  to develop a CPD Programme for Learning Support Staff  in order to maximise impact on pupil progress.
  • Support new Governors to develop their understanding and evaluation of school performance and action planning.  
  • Prioritise support for the  professional development of all teachers as Subject Leaders.
  • Continue the rolling programme of external Middle Leadership training.
  • Support the expanded role of our Learning Mentors to Pastoral Care Leaders in order to maximise impact on vulnerability and our School Readiness Programme.
  • Raise the profile of our School Council and support children in understanding further the impact of their leadership on school development (eg Buddies, Reading Revolutionaries, Digital Leaders, ECO, Council, Play Buddies.)


Priority 4

Personal development, Behaviour and Welfare

Focus – Further embed systems, structures and the use of the school environment to promote positive behaviour, pupil responsibilities and pupil well-being.

  • Further enhance and develop positive playtimes and behaviour strategies including Play Leaders.
  • Continue to review and develop the use of school environment including outdoor spaces to enhance our provision.
  • Our Faith Garden will develop  sensory provision  and support  the social, emotional well-being of school community.
  • Further enhance our PSHE curriculum and provision by introducing Philosophy  for Children (P4C) in Years 1 and 5.
  • Further develop our Health and Well-being strategies for the whole school community.
  • Continue the excellent work in improving attendance and monitoring its impact on pupil progress.
  • Further develop our Induction Procedure for new staff and Governors.
  • Work closely with Governors to develop our Lockdown Procedures.
  • Maintain our excellent policy, practice and procedures in Safeguarding.
  • Health & Safety Governors Committee to work closely with Headteacher, Deputy Headteacher and  School Business Manager on reviewing  the Asset Management Plan, Accessibility Plan and SEMP (School Emergency Management Plan).


School Environment and Routines

  • Maintain our focus on the Health & Wellbeing of staff, children and families as we expand our menu of activities, strategies and experiences for all.
  • Review and develop use of outdoor spaces to enhance learning and the lunchtime experience (pupil voice).
  • Further enhance and develop positive behaviour strategies.
  • Publish Equality Statement and objectives on the school website.
  • Begin researching different website providers so that  the website is more organised and structured, appealing and easier to navigate.
  • Continue to work with Archdiocese to secure Capital Bid Funding for priority work as outlined in the 3 year plan.
  • In light of  the expansion, review and revise our Capital Bid Priorities with Archdiocese and Governors (Premises, Health and Safety Committee).