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Y4 Diwali Assembly 2012

Y4 Diwali Assembly 2012

In celebration of Diwali, Year 4 gave the school a wonderful assembly sharing with us what they have learned. There was drama, music and readings from the children which helped us understand the Hindu festival of light in some detail. All the children in our school made a Diva and a Rangoli Pattern. 
Here are some comments from parents/carers who were present at the assembly:

"A wonderful assembly, a very clear message.  Thank you!"
- Mohammed's mum

"Very good - short but to the point!"
- Kaleb's mum

"A fabulous assembly - the children were wonderful." - Lewis' mum

"The children gave a good insight into another religion." - Dylan's nan

"I'm so happy my grandchildren are in this school so I can come back to watch all of the assemblies." - Lewis' nan
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