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Year 1 1M

Hello from 1M and welcome to our class page. Here you will be able see some of the fun and wonderful things that we have been busy doing in school.


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You will be able to find 'tweets' about what Class 1M have been up to that day. 


This term we will have PE every Friday. If your child has a pair of plain blue tracksuit bottoms they can wear them, along with the rest of their PE kit and jumper on Fridays. If not don't worry, your child will have the opportunity to get changed into their PE kit before the lesson and then back into their school uniform after the lesson. 


Swimming will take place every Tuesday. Please ensure your child always has a swimming cap as well as a towel and costume/shorts on this day.


Thank you for taking the time to look at our page. We hope you enjoy following our Year 1 learning journey.


Out of this World!

Out of this World!  1 A fun trip to Spaceport to blast us off!
Out of this World!  2
Out of this World!  3
Out of this World!  4 History - Hot seating Neil Armstrong
Out of this World!  5 Science - Animals or aliens?
Out of this World!  6 Space artwork to illustrate our stories
Out of this World!  7 Printing - repeated patterns and collage
Out of this World!  8 Sciene sorting activity- Wild or not?

Science - Materials

Science - Materials 1 First we went on a hunt around school.
Science - Materials 2 We thought about how objects are made from
Science - Materials 3 different materials and what they are called.
Science - Materials 4 We sorted different materials.
Science - Materials 5 The next week we used our senses to describe
Science - Materials 6 how different materials feel when you touch them.
Science - Materials 7 In our next lesson we found out which materials
Science - Materials 8 float or sink. Finally we investigated which
Science - Materials 9 materials can change shape.

We enjoyed the GIANTS drama workshop!

We enjoyed the GIANTS drama workshop! 1 We thought about the job of a puppeteer.
We enjoyed the GIANTS drama workshop! 2 We thought about the shape and movement of puppets
We enjoyed the GIANTS drama workshop! 3 and how the puppeteer controls them.
We enjoyed the GIANTS drama workshop! 4 We acted it out altogether. Great teamwork!

The GIANTS are coming... The GIANTS are here!

On Friday morning when we got to school, we saw huge paw prints across our playground and over the wall. It could only mean one thing... The GIANTS had arrived! They had walked across our playground. Bob told us that he saw them on the CCTV too. We had to find out where they had gone so we followed in the direction of the prints, towards Prince's Park. When we got there the giants were so tired after all their walking they had to have a nap. We could see them sleeping and hear them snoring loudly. Then we found a huge sandal! What an exciting day!

Rejoice - Family

Thank you to everyone who donated for the Harvest festival!

Just a little bit of our maths so far this term...

Just a little bit of our maths so far this term... 1 Lots of practical activities
Just a little bit of our maths so far this term... 2 focussing on number bonds within 10.
Just a little bit of our maths so far this term... 3

Rejoice - Belonging

Our class are going...

Our class are going... 1

All Aboard! Learning Journey Autumn Term 2018