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Hello from Class 1M and welcome to our class page. Here you will be able see some of the fun and wonderful things that we have been busy doing in school.


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This term we will have PE every Tuesday. If your child has a pair of blue tracksuit bottoms they can wear them, along with the rest of their PE kit and jumper on Tuesdays. If not don't worry, your child will have the opportunity to get changed into their PE kit before the lesson and then back into their school uniform after the lesson. 


Swimming will take place every Wednesday. Please ensure your child always has a swimming cap as well as a towel and costume/shorts on this day.


Thank you for taking the time to look at our page. We hope you enjoy following our Year 1 learning journey.

Refugee Week 2018

This week we have been thinking about refugees.
We walked a mile for a refugee.
We reflected on our thoughts and what we learnt.
In our beautiful faith garden.

Discover what Class 1M will be learning during the summer term.

World Book Day 2018

Yummy pastries and storytime at breakfast.
Thank you to the parents who could join us!
We loved listening to Jenny the storyteller.
Just some of the books we have read this year.
A tally chart to find out the most popular book.

At last some snow for us to play in!

A new friend for the day - meet Max the snowman.

A taste of India...

We have been exploring our senses in science, linking this with our 'Taste of India' topic. We used our sense of smell and taste to explore different fruits that grow in India. We used our sense of hearing to listen to the different sounds we could hear in some traditional Indian music. We used our sense of sight to explore pieces of Indian art and describe what we could see, for example, the colours and patterns. We used our sense of touch to describe the materials we used in our artwork.


We will explore our senses further in a few weeks time, when we will create our own Indian curry.

Some of our beautiful Indian artwork!

Capturing the spirit of an Indian elephant!
A collage of the famous Taj Mahal
Mehndi designs on our hand prints.

We have an Indian jungle in our classroom!

Sorting activities in teams to explore which groups different animals belong to.

Reptiles,amphibians,mammals,fish,birds or insects?
Omnivore, carnivore or herbivore?

Using different equipment to explore doubles and halves.

Counting in twos all the way to 100!

We've now come to the end of our Magical Mystery Tour...

Using the part/part/whole model to explore the inverse relationship of addition and subtraction.

Counting amounts from a larger amount - Practising our 'teen' numbers

Family Learning Day 2017- Thank you to the parents who were able to join us!

We have been exploring number bonds using different types of equipment.

We learned lots during our trip to The Museum of Liverpool!

Black History- James Clarke

We learnt about James Clarke and why he is famous.
We used networking grids.
To fill in the historical facts.
Learning with and from each other.

Who's been eating my porridge?

Look what we found in our classroom
Three bowls of porridge...
A small bowl, a medium bowl and a huge bowl!
The porridge in the small bowl had been eaten up.
We all guessed who it must have been...Goldilocks!

We loved out trip to The Storybarn!

Why can't we have snow indoors?

Our first Empiribox science lesson.
Some of us thought the white powder was sugar.
Others thought it might be salt.
We added water to the white powder.
Wow! As we stirred it, the powder expanded.
It looked like snow!
How can we get the water back?
We decided to put it on the heater to melt it.
But the pretend snow just stayed the same.
The reaction was irreversible. A permanent change.

Our class collective worship for the Macmillan Coffee Morning

September Maths

Lots of counting.
With a big focus on practising our 'teen' numbers.
Exploring the difference between...
one digit and two digit numbers.
Recognising odd and even numbers.
Making odd shapes and even shapes.

We made maps of our classroom- group work with an adult.

There is no one quite like me!

What are Class 1M doing in the Autumn Term?