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Class M

Summer Of Love Concert

We dressed up in sixties clothes for the concert.
'Oh I get by with a little help from my friends!'

The 2017 Summer of Love, My Masterpiece Art Gallery!

We enjoyed listening to songs of The Beatles.
We chose our favourite lyrics and images.
We loved seeing our artwork in the gallery!

Class M having fun at our Maths Party!

Our party hats have our favourite numbers on them.

The coming of the Holy Spirit on Pentecost Day.

A week of measurement. More pictures to follow...

We measured the length of the playground.
We used giant footsteps and baby ones.
We all got different answers so we learnt that...
we need to use standard units of measure instead.
We used different equipment.
Weighing scales to measure mass.
Which is how heavy something is.
A measuring jug to measure the capacity of liquid.

Paws, claws and whiskers

We learnt facts about different types of animals.
We discovered the different parts of the world...
where different animals live.

Summer Learning Journey- Class H and M

We had a very exciting Science Week!

On Monday we found some giant eggs.
They were dinosaur eggs!
Sophie the T-Rex came to visit us.
This is our class roaring like a dinosaur!
On Wednesday we were paleontologists.
We found dinosaur bones and fossils.
We investigated which materials would...
be the best to make a home for a dinosaur egg.

What a wonderful World Book Week!

We found some fun and extreme places to read.
Inside a cupboard.
On top of a cupboard
In the snow but only for a minute.
Focussing on a drawing skills in art club.
Our teddy bears joined us for a picnic.
Jam butties :)
We went on a book hunt.
Who is this? An exciting visitor in our class...
Our Year 6 buddies read with us.

Moon Zoom! A crash landing outside our classroom!

One afternoon we had a message from Mrs Shields.
Something unusual had been seen above our class.
So we went outside with Class H to investigate.
We found some unusual objects like sparkly rocks.
More news on this to follow soon...

Black History Week - James Clarke

We enjoyed learning about James Clarke's life.

Someone's been eating my porridge!

Who could it have been?
Our first networking grid.
First we tried on our own.
Then we mingled and shared our ideas.
So we could learn new things from our friends.

We have been exploring how toys have changed over time.

Our Nans and Grandads played with different toys.
Our Mums and Dads played with different toys too!
Some toys have been around a very long time!
They are made out of different materials.

Just a little bit of our maths work so far...

Using ten frames to make 2-digit numbers.
Using numicon to explore the value of numbers.

We enjoyed our trip to the Maritime and Liverpool Museums.

What a wonderful view!
We drew all the things we could see.
We went to the Pier Master's House.
Finding out what wash days were like in the past.
The dolly tub and dolly stick.

We have been thinking about how special we all are.

So far we have been doing lots of counting in Maths.

Hello from Class M and welcome to our class page. Here you will be able to keep up to date with all the fun and wonderful things that we have been busy doing in school.


This term Class M will have swimming every Wednesday and PE every Thursday.