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Once upon a time the children in St Anne's Foundation Stage began some special Talk4Writing learning.  As part of their Food topic, they focused on learning Nursery Rhymes, Traditional Tales and modern classic children's stories which feature food.  They just loved creating their very own story maps, illustrations, new characters and especially acting out the stories.  They all lived happily ever after.  THE END

Toasting marsh mallows with our year 5 buddies and parents.

The grand opening of the st. anne's bug hotel

Fun in the Sun



We have enjoyed welcoming parents and carers into Nursery for our 'Stay and Play' sessions.  We have been sharing ideas to help children will their listening skills, physical development and their counting skills.

'Stay and Play' sessions will continue after Easter each Friday with ideas to support children in their learning.  We will be sharing ideas for developing areas such as fine motor skills and early writing (or mark making) so please come and join us.

For our morning children the session takes place from 8.45am until 9.30am and for afternoon children from 2.30pm to 3.15pm.


Our Stay and Cook sessions have proved a great success.  So far we have enjoyed working with our parents and carers to create some yummy delights including:

Bread Rolls, Mini Pizzas and Gingerbread Men and a Buddy Barbeque!

Join us soon for Brilliant Beany Dip with Terrific Tortillas, Tip Top Tuna Tarts & Handa's Healthy Fruit Salad

Stay and Cook 2.00pm - 3.10pm

Stay and Play Sessions 

Come and join your child for our Stay and Play sessions every Friday!


Reception Stay and Cook 2.00pm-3.10pm


Nursery Stay and Play am session 8.45-9.30am or pm session 2.30-3.15pm

Weekly Nursery Stay and Play sessions have a focus for learning through play such as:

Playdoh to develop fine motor skills

Nursery Rhymes/Phonics to develop listening and early reading

Mark Making to develop creativity and early writing

Wiggle and Shake to develop whole body balance and


Games to develop concentration, focus and turn taking

Storytime to develop listening, focus and understanding


Polite Notices and Reminders


  • So that your Reception child can enjoy reading with their reading partners and adults every day, please ensure they bring their book bag into class each morning.
  • It is becoming very wet and windy outside. Please remember to provide a pair of wellington boots for your child to change into. You may leave them in the allocated spaces provided in Foundation Stage. 
  • PE is on a Monday this half-term for Reception - please provide your child with the appropriate kit (blue shorts, white polo top and pumps).
  • Swimming for Reception remains to take place on a Wednesday. Your child will need to bring a towel, swimming costume/shorts/swimming trunks (no bikinis please) and swimming cap. 
  • Don't forget your snack money: £1 for Reception per week, 50p for Nursery per week!





Investigating Mini-Beasts

The St Anne's Big Bug Hotel Project

As part of our Minibeast topic we learned lots of interesting facts about bugs from our Year 5 Buddies who recently met a range of real bugs and are now Bug Experts!  We were astonished to find out that scorpions glow under UV light and cockroaches have 2 brains!

Year 5 helped us to prepare the materials for a bug sanctuary.  The St Anne's Big Bug Hotel was officially opened on 27th May by Mrs Peaston and we celebrated with a Buddy Barbeque with toasted marshmallows to thank our Year 5 Buddies for all their help.  We are pleased to report that our wildflowers have started to grow and the hotel has it's first residents!

Learning through Numicon

We love to experiment here at Foundation Stage and what better way to experiment than with the natural occurrence of ice! Such cold weather can often bring ice to our surroundings freezing our ground, leaves and even our toys! Nursery explored how ice feels then experimented to find out which method would be the best one to melt the ice. Take a look at our photographs to see for your self how fun experimenting can be...

Nursery's Ice Investigation

Learning through Play

Working with our Buddies

Learning about Baptism

We enjoyed our recent visit to St Anne's Catholic Church to take a close look at the baptismal font.  We have been learning about how through baptism people are welcomed into God's family.