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Geography Vision

At St Anne’s, we are committed to providing a high-quality geography education.  Our committed plan is to support pupils from the very youngest to the oldest by capitalising on their natural curiosity and fascination about the world and it's people, providing awe and wonder moments and giving them a secure ‘sense of place’.

We aim to support the development of knowledge and skill progression throughout children's school experience from Nursery onwards.  So that by Year 6 children will have a secure contextual knowledge of location, a deep understanding of geographical processes, the competency to use a range of geographical skills, and a keen enthusiasm for the subject.


In addition to the planned topics, each year group will undertake short tasks to enhance their Sense of Place, focusing on developing their fieldwork and mapping skills. 

A look through our geography work this term

LKS2 have been working hard to use the atlases to locate major cities in the UK. They have been looking specifically at London and the Mediterranean and discovering, they these places are so widely visited.

UKS2 have been using 4 grid references to plot coordinates, as well as mapping out their local area. They have also been compliling knowledge organisers to strengthen their geography skills.

KS1 have been looking at their local area as well as using the atlases to locate the countries that make up the UK. The children have been strengthening their map skills by mapping out their class rooms and local areas.

Geography Policy