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Welcome to Nursery class


We are delighted to welcome back our returning nursery children and also welcome our new friends to St Anne's School Nursery class. It is going to be a very busy term full of exploration and learning! You can keep updated with our activities on this web page over the coming months.


Please ensure that all of your child's clothing is labelled with their name to ensure that garments do not go missing. In addition, please provide a bag containing a full set of spare clothing (including underwear and socks) and a pair of wellies to be kept in school.  We learn outdoors everyday so a warm, waterproof coat (and hats and gloves) will be essential as the weather gets colder. We are very grateful for your support with this as we strive to ensure that your child is comfortable as they play and learn. 


Please do not hesitate to speak to any Nursery member of staff if you have any questions or concerns at morning drop-off or lunchtime pick-up. We are happy to help. Similarly, if you have any special news, celebrations or WOW! moments to share - we would love to hear about them!




Mrs Aitken - Class Teacher

Mrs Prescott - Teaching Assistant

Miss Lord - Teaching Assistant


Our spring term Learning Journey: 



Our number 1 hunt...


During the last 2 weeks we have been learning all about the number 1!


Firstly, we found number 1 through our own body movements (doing 1 clap, 1 jump and 1 hop), then finding ‘1’ of different real-life concrete examples (like 1 book, 1 pencil and 1 toy car). We then moved on to finding 1 picture in a set of pictures and on Friday, we have focused on writing and recognising the number 1!


We made some number 1 wallpaper as a whole class – filling all of the paper with number 1’s. Mrs Aitken was very impressed at how well we all concentrated and cooperated with each other! Then, wearing our super-spotter hats that we had all individually made, we went on a number 1 hunt. Mrs Head and the Year 2 children kindly invited us in to the classroom and helped us find some more number 1’s in their environment. We then set off into the infant’s corridor to spot more!


You will see from our photographs that we found lots of number 1’s. I wonder if you can find any more at home too?



A wonderful end to our Autumn term!


We had a fantastic Christmas in Nursery!


We were very busy with practicing and performing as the Foundation Stage 'band' for our Nativity with our Reception class friends - we had so many complements for our musicianship and fantastic sitting skills. Mrs Aitken and Mrs Prescott were so proud of all of the children! We were also very privileged to watch our KS1 friends perform 'Prickly Hay' in the big hall. We danced and clapped along to the wonderful singing. 


We also worked so hard on all our cards, decorations, crowns and calendars to take home - we hope you enjoyed our fantastic designs.


We had a fun-filled party on our last day in school before the holiday. Father Christmas came to visit with a lovely surprise for all of us! He talked about the amazing letters that we had made and posted to him - we were very pleased that he had received them in time for Christmas! We played LOTS of party games and had a delicious party lunch. Our party was a fantastic celebration of all the fun we have had this term: learning, exploring and discovering together. 


We have now returned to Nursery for our new term - the children have already settled back in and and have started our super learning! Hurray!


Nicola the vet comes to help us!


We have been taking care of Bob, our class bunny, for the last few days as he hasn't been feeling very well. The children have been taking care of him: giving him water, putting him to bed, giving him medicine, taking his temperature and making sure he is getting some rest. They have been so kind and are wonderful ambassadors of our Friendship School.


On Thursday we had sad news. Bob was still feeling poorly, so we decided to call a vet to help. Luckily, our new friend Nicola the Vet was close by to give Bob a 'head-to-paw' health check using her special stethoscope. She diagnosed a sore leg and with our help, bandaged him up and recommended that he rest for another 3 days. We also were asked to give him more medicine to help him get better.


We also talked about the pets we have at home, baby animal names, how to keep our animals healthy and looked at some exciting x-rays. One of our friends even identified a broken bone in a dog's leg! Nicola was very impressed!




Wrap up warm - it's SNOW TIME!


What an exciting day! Liverpool woke up to the rare treat of snow. We were so keen to get outside that we kept our coats on as all the children arrived at school, put on extra waterproofs and wellies then headed straight outside. As well as having a LOT of fun and laughter, we had lots of snowy learning: counting, scooping and filling containers, turn taking, using positional language, investigating snow and how it melted in the sun to make puddles - to name a few!


We came inside, tired but happy, to eat some delicious, hot toast to help us warm up. We ended the day with a snowy story - The Gruffalo's Child. 



Chinese New Year


This week we have been celebrating Chinese New Year. We had the privilege of watching a traditional Dragon and Lion dance in the big hall with ALL of the school. Mrs Aitken was delighted at how well the children sat as we listened and watched with wonder at the spectacular performance! 


We also expressed ourselves artistically with our sparkly, red dragon creations and sat down at snack-time to grapple with a bowl of noodles to eat. Luckily, Mrs Prescott had a fantastic idea to scoop the noodles with our prawn crackers which helped enormously!


Throughout the day, we crept around like dragons with fierce faces - breathing fire with a load ROAR! What fun!



We are amazing storytellers!

Our latest Talk 4 Writing book is 'Dear Zoo' and we have been very busy practicing telling the story with words and actions. Mrs Aitken just loves how enthusiastically we tell the story and how well we have learnt to use new story language words such as 'first', 'next' and 'finally'. Super work nursery! We can't wait to learn another story very soon!


Simply scan the QR code below to view our storytelling video. You will need a QR code reader app which can be downloaded on your mobile phone. Ask Mrs Aitken if you need support to do this!

We are authors!


It has been an animal-tastic half term! You can see that we have fully immersed ourselves in zoo life by looking after our animals in our zoo role-play area, singing animal songs, creating beautiful animal artwork, independently mark-making and lots more.


We have also become authors by creating our own 'Dear Zoo' book - inspired by animals in the book and others we have learnt about. We have applied the describing words we have been using and also innovating new ideas  - one of our friends changed his page from a 'naughty' monkey in the book to a 'silly' monkey! What a fantastic idea!


Watch this space for our new Talk for Writing book - we can't wait to learn and tell you a new story!


World Book Day 2019


Our World Book Day was supported so well by our grown-ups visiting and reading with us for 'Stay and Read'. Thank you for your support - it was fantastic to see you in class. We all looked super in our costumes inspired by book characters... From 'The Hungry Little Caterpillar' to pirates and Princess Belle, the smiles and laughs did not stop all day!


Mrs Aitken, Mrs Prescott and Miss Lord were nowhere to be seen... instead the 3 Little Pigs joined us for the day. We read their story and huffed and puffed just like the wolf did.


We also visited 2H to read stories together. In true friendship school style, our Year 2 friends took their story reading roles very seriously and welcomed us with such kindness and enthusiasm. Thank you so much Year 2!



Mother's Day


We have been working hard to create gifts to show our love and thanks for our mummies and other women in our lives. We are so proud of all the children concentrating and focusing so hard on their creations. The children were delighted to 'sign' their names on the cards - look how proud they are to present their gifts at our 'stay and play' session on Friday!

Celebrating the end of our

'Come and See' topic - 'Growing'


We came together at the end of of latest 'Come and See' topic to celebrate our thinking and exploration in the last few weeks. We have talked about and recognised springtime as a time of growth and new life. We have explored how we can grow in love for each other by helping our friends and family in all sorts of ways. We talked about the special time of Easter, the special shape of a cross  and the colours purple and white that are important during Lent and Easter. Our 'Rejoice' session is a wonderful opportunity to reflect on our learning and growth and a time to stop, be still and spend quiet time with each other as a nursery school family.