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We are very excited about the coming year in Nursery class, we are going to be very busy with our learning! You can keep updated with our activities on this web page and also on our class Twitter @Nursastannes. 


We have 2 Nursery classes. Please ensure that you drop off and pick-up your child promptly at the appropriate times of your allocated class.

Morning - 8:45am - 11:45am

Afternoon - 12:15pm - 3:15pm


We would be grateful if all of your child's clothing is labelled with their name to ensure that garments do not go missing. In addition, please provide a bag containing a full set of spare clothing (including underwear and socks) to be kept in school. We learn outdoors everyday so a warm, waterproof coat (and hats and gloves) will be essential as the weather gets colder. Please feel free to bring a pair of wellingtons for your child to keep in school to keep their feet dry in wet weather. We are very grateful for your support with this as we strive to ensure that your child is comfortable as they play and learn. 


Please do not hesitate to speak to any Nursery member of staff if you have any questions or concerns at drop-off or pick-up. We are happy to help! Similarly, if you have any special news, celebrations or WOW! moments to share - we would love to hear about them!


Mrs Aitken - Class Teacher

Mrs Prescott - Class Teaching Assistant


Our Autumn Learning Journey


Have a look at what we will be learning about this term. 

Our Spring Learning Journey


Our learning grows into 2020 - take a look!


Talk4Writing - Humpty Dumpty


Using our Talk4Writing approach we have been immersing ourselves in the nursery rhyme 'Humpty Dumpty'. To help us deepen our understanding of the rhyme and extend our vocabulary, we have explored some movement words such as 'wobbled', 'swayed' and 'crash' by moving in different ways ourselves! 


We can now recount the whole rhyme with our special actions that we created - ask your child to show you at home! They may even show you our 'silly' rhyme where we have innovated it in our own special way and made it our own - where Humpty Dumpty sat on a sofa or a chair instead of a wall and the King's horses turned into giraffes or pigs! How funny!

Wobbling, swaying and CRASHING!

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Diwali celebrations!


3M gave us a warm welcome as we ventured over to share our colourful rangoli patterns and saltdough diyas with them. We bravely paraded around the classroom to present our creations to all of the big boys and girls. We were really excited and privileged to hear their beautiful Diwali song that they were preparing for assembly. It sounded beautiful!


We love sharing our learning in St Anne's!


Maths mastery - the number 1!


We are becoming experts in the 'oneness of one'. We have been working hard to find 1 concrete and 1 pictorial item from 'lots'! Nevaeh found 1 owl from a large group of owl pictures... "Do we need any more owls Nevaeh?" Mrs Aitken asked. "No" she replied, "you only asked for 1" as she held up 1 finger to confirm the number. 

Check out our Twitter feed (@nursastannes) for Lola's fantastic concentration when jumping and finishing after just 1 jump. Such fantastic understanding of the number 1, using such self-control!


Nursery rhyme superstars!


It has become a favoured activity to sing either an improvised song or recite a nursery rhyme during our social snack time, stemming from an impromptu sing-along one day this term. What a fantastic way to develop our vocabulary acquisition, support and celebrate our friend's achievements and to practise our Oracy skills! In true Friendship School school style, we all sit and respectfully listen and give our friends a clap at the end. Some of us have got really brave and stand up to move to our specially designated singing spot so everyone can see and hear... St Anne's has truly got talent!


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Christmas celebrations!


What a fantastic end to our Autumn term - a party for each of our classes to celebrate that Christmas had finally arrived! Epic dancing, pass-the-parcel games, a 'stick the red nose on the Rudolph' game, a party lunch, musical statues and a surprise visit from Father Christmas! What fun!



Celebrating Chinese New Year


What a fantastic week of Chinese New Year celebrations! We made lanterns using two special colours - yellow and red. We slurped delicious noodles and used chopsticks for fine motor practice! Thanks to Mavis's Dad for showing us Mandarin script that held a special 'Happy New Year' message. He also gave us a fiery dragon! ROAR!



We love reading and learning!


Today we read the book 'Sharing a Shell' together as a class.

We were able to talk about how, together, all 3 characters in the story were better working as a 'three' rather than being alone which supported our learning for our latest 'Come & See' RE topic. It is so good to do things together!


We also talked about friendship and being a kind friend - sharing, having fun, helping each other and forgiving when friends have not acted quite as we would hope. The children were relieved to find the crab, anenome and bristleworm working together again at the end of the story!


The children were fascinated with the 'storm' page. We noticed how the sky had changed colour and saw the white zig-zagged forks of lightning at the top of the page. To explore this further, we watch a storm on the computer and were in awe of the 'crashes' and 'flashes' of the thunder and lightning. Wonder and Lorin did a great job acting this out and lots of children drew their own lightning on black paper with white chalk. 


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Tiara went on to recount some elements of the story as she found a crab lurking in our sand tray... "No! That's my shell" she exclaimed.

So much learning from one book! Parents, we have books for you to borrow outside the nursery classroom - please feel free to take one to read with your child at home and return it so that another child can read it too. Ask Mrs Aitken for information!


Where do animals like to live?


Using our jungle knowledge from the exploration of our Talk4Writing text 'Walking through the Jungle', we talked about the different 'habitats' in the jungle where animals would like to live. 


We sorted our  6 different animals into where they like to live - either in the water, on the ground or in the trees. As we developed our 3 habitat zones, we looked at pictures from our computer to help us draw them. In the process, the children spotted some interesting things. Lorin noticed that she could see trees "in the water" - they were in fact 'reflections' of the trees. To help us understand this concept, we all made a train in front of our long, oval mirror in class and waved at ourselves in turn. This was our 'reflection' just like the reflection of the trees in the river picture! Lukas noticed and made links with the pattern of the river that Mrs Aitken had drawn. He was right when he noticed that it looked like "a slithery snake"!


There was divided opinion in our morning class - some children thought that the monkey lived on the ground but others thought he would prefer to 'swing gently' through the trees just like in our story. To be fair, we placed the monkey between the ground and the trees as he liked to live in both habitats! 


Independently, Tobias thought that Bob the Bunny should join our jungle habitat sorting activity. He decided that Bob didn't like to swim in the river nor did he like to swing through the trees (as "he doesn't have wings" to fly). He therefore settled on placing Bob on the ground as it would be where Bob would like to live best of all!


Talk for Writing

Goldilocks and the 3 Bears


This week we have been immersing ourselves in the story of Goldilocks and the 3 Bears and we are hooked!


Our new arrival, Baby Bear, was upset and hungry... someone had stolen his porridge as the packet was empty! We helped him by visiting the kitchens where our helpful staff raided the cupboard for some bear porridge.


We went on a bear hunt in the woods for World Maths Day. We found LOTS of bears so we grouped them into family members and counted to find how many we had altogether. We are so proud of Nevaeh who identified the finishing number of 9 at the end of our counting. Amazing progress! Lukas observed "he is happy now because we have found his family".


What better day to spend World Book Day than following instructions to make some porridge for poor Baby Bear. He was so hungry, he devoured the whole bowl with raisins and syrup. We ate some too! Yum!


We are looking forward to finding out more about the story and learning it to recount to our families and friends!