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Hello Everyone! We hope you are all well, staying safe and looking after each other. We hope to see you all really soon! Love from Miss Clegg and Mrs Downes xx


Here are 3 tips for parents/carers adapted from 'Place2Be' to help you support your child's mental health.

1. TALK - Talk to your child in simple clear language about what Coronavirus is. Let them know that the adults are working hard to keep them safe and why we need to change our usual routines. Explain that we can help each other to stay safe in different ways such as washing our hands well and often.

2. REASSURE - Talk about the things which will stay the same in their lives despite all the changes.  Children may find this reassuring.  Acknowledge that this is a confusing and stressful time for them and it's ok to admit that adults sometimes get stressed too.  Remind children that some things are consistent such as: where they live, who looks after them, that their home learning still needs to be done, they can still watch their favourite TV programmes etc.

3. BE PATIENT- Not always easy!  Some children may need extra support to manage their feelings, anxiety or low mood.  Certain events might trigger particular behaviours such as being restless, being more disruptive than usual or being more quiet than usual.  Remember that these behaviours may be a result of stress and anxiety.  Be patient with yourself too, this is a unique situation for everyone and remember that you are doing your very best.  

For more information, see the link below.

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Exploring Mini-beasts  


With the return of the beautiful weather you could have an explore for mini-beasts in your outside space, or if you’re out for a walk.

You can use the sheets above, or use them as an example to make your own. Have a go at counting how many of each mini beast you can find, making a tally if you can to count the total. Can you talk about what you found, e.g. I found more ladybirds than spiders. I found less/fewer butterflies than woodlouse etc. Did you find the same number of some creatures?


You could then have a go at sorting them into groups. Again, you could draw your own version of these, deciding if the mini-beasts or not? If they hide under stones, or not? Have a go at thinking of your own way of sorting them too. Enjoy exploring!