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Reception RCD

Hello and welcome to Class RCD's class page! Here you will find information regarding your child's learning and all relevant updates! The staff working with your child this year are:


Class Teachers: Miss Clegg & Mrs Downes

Support Staff: Ms McCormack & Mrs Prescott


Lunch Staff:

Mrs Paula Williams

Miss Nagia 

Miss Florence 

Miss Smith 

Important Information 



School uniform is as follows:

Boys: grey trousers, white polo top, royal blue jumper (St Anne's logo optional), black velcro fastening shoes 

Girls; grey skirt, pinafore or trousers, white polo top, royal blue jumper or cardigan (St Anne's logo optional), black velcro fastening shoes


PE and Swimming

At present pupils will not access the swimming pool. We will inform you in due course when swimming will be available for your child.  PE will also occur in due course however our pupils will access the outdoor environment and be challlenged in their physical development through daily activity. 



Seasonal snack is available for all children. This can include (but not limited to) cereal, toast, fruit, crackers, cheese, sandwiches, brioche, water and milk.  If you would like to support this we welcome a voluntary contribution of £1.00 a week (20p a day) but any donation is gratefully received.  

Saying 'cheese' during our first week!

Our first week in Reception 2020