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Reception RH

Photographs Spring 2

Photographs Spring 2 1 A musician visited us
Photographs Spring 2 2 We explored the sounds of different instruments
Photographs Spring 2 3 We learned all about bees
Photographs Spring 2 4 We planted seeds and watched them grow
Photographs Spring 2 5 We noticed signs of spring
Photographs Spring 2 6 We played with shapes
Photographs Spring 2 7 We built a den
Photographs Spring 2 8 We acted out the story of Mr Gumpy
Photographs Spring 2 9 We made puppets
Photographs Spring 2 10 We celebrated World Book Day
Photographs Spring 2 11 We learned about taking turns
Photographs Spring 2 12 We watched chicks hatch
Photographs Spring 2 13 We climbed the beanstalk!
Photographs Spring 2 14 We sorted out silly sentences

RH Photographs Spring 1

RH Photographs Spring 1 1 We made bird feeders
RH Photographs Spring 1 2 Chinese New Year parade
RH Photographs Spring 1 3 A vet came to visit us
RH Photographs Spring 1 4 Playing music together
RH Photographs Spring 1 5 Noticing signs of spring
RH Photographs Spring 1 6 Trying noodles
RH Photographs Spring 1 7 Exploring snow
RH Photographs Spring 1 8 Exploring frost
RH Photographs Spring 1 9 making dragon masks

Welcome back to RH! I hope that all our families had apeaceful Christmas break. We are looking forward to a new term in Reception, filled with learning, growth and joy.


This term we will continue to develop our social, cognitive and communicative skills through exploring the topics of animals and spring. We will consider the changes we see in nature and ourselves and think about how important it is to look after each other and the natural world.  Similarly, our ‘Come and See’ topics will focus on family and growing.


We will plan a visit to the farm to aid our topic learning and will have a visit from a vet. We will also work together with musicians and artists to create a music and film soundscape through exploring technology, different materials and instruments.


We will continue to have daily learning in maths and phonics. As we become more confident readers and writers we will progress from words, lables and lists to full sentences. We now have reading time everyday so please remember to bring your books in each morning.


Our physical development will continue to be supported through P.E., Swimming, and outdoor play.


Some reminders:


P.E. will be on a Monday as before, please ensure your child comes to school in their kit.


Swimming will be on a Tuesday as before, please ensure your child brings their named kit with them in the morning.


Please ensure your child brings their reading book and yellow reading record into school everyday.


Please continue to support your child’s learning in school by reading their reading book with them and practising writing and reading the ‘tricky’ words (these will be sent home in stages). There will be ‘stay and read’ sessions this term which you are welcome to attend to support you in helping your child to read.


Thank you for all your support so far. It is a privilege to watch your children develop and enjoy their learning. Please remember that the reception team is always here to support your child and your family. If you would like to discuss anything with us then please do not hesitate to get in touch.


With warm wishes,


Miss Harris, Mrs Ahmed and the rest of the EYFS team



We are very happy to welcome back our wonderful reception class after the half term break. 


Here are a few photographs to show just some of the super learning that took place last half term: 

RH photographs Autumn 1

RH photographs Autumn 1  1 Peer Massage
RH photographs Autumn 1  2 Numeral Writing
RH photographs Autumn 1  3 Leaf Threading
RH photographs Autumn 1  4 Role Play
RH photographs Autumn 1  5 Picnic
RH photographs Autumn 1  6 Writing in mixed media
RH photographs Autumn 1  7 Trip to the park
RH photographs Autumn 1  8 Leaf Rubbings
RH photographs Autumn 1  9 Collective Worship
RH photographs Autumn 1  10 Learning about Baptism
RH photographs Autumn 1  11 Autumn Hunt
RH photographs Autumn 1  12 Meeting our buddies
RH photographs Autumn 1  13 Textile Hammering
RH photographs Autumn 1  14 Addition
RH photographs Autumn 1  15 Our story garden
RH photographs Autumn 1  16 The giants came!
RH photographs Autumn 1  17 Making Music

Welcome to RH!


Your Teachers:


Class Teacher: Miss Harris


Teaching Assistant: Mrs Ahmed


Our learning:


We are looking forward to welcoming all our new children and their families to reception. Starting school is a very exciting time and we are thrilled to be embarking on this new adventure with your child and helping them to thrive and become confident learners.


This term our topic is ‘Me, My Home, My Family’. We will be focusing on getting used to the routines of the school day, taking time to get to know our new friends and teachers, and learning all about what makes each of us special. We will have phonics and numeracy each day, as well as learning all about the world around us and expressing ourselves creatively through play.



To parents and carers:


The reception team will do all we can to make sure your child is happy and settled in our school. Please know that we are always here to support you if you would like to discuss anything with us at any point.


P.E. will be on a Monday: children will come into school dressed in their P.E. kit (navy shorts, white polo shirt, black pumps).


Swimming will be on a Tuesday: please ensure your child brings their swimming kit to school. They will need a swimming costume/ trunks, towel & swimming hat – available from the school office for £1.

Please ensure all swimming items are in a bag labelled with your child’s name.


Don’t forget to write your child’s name inside ALL of their uniform items to avoid loss or mix-ups when changing.