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Summer Learning Journey

Summer Learning Journey

Dear Parents and Carers

We have lots to look forward to as the summer approaches. Please see our summer learning journey below.

Here are a few reminders for our next term:

·        It is so important that you share your child’s achievements with us. We know you must notice changes in your children’s learning and development and would love to hear about what you are noticing. We have ourAchievement Box on our entrance corridor, so please share the good news with us. Just a small note placed in the box would be great!

·        Swimming will continue every Tuesday for Reception. Please provide your child with their kit each week

·        PE will remain on a Monday, so again, please ensure your child has their kit every week, so that they can join in comfortably and safely.

·        We continue to provide a range of additional, healthy snacks for your children on a daily basis, including, toast, cereal, bagels, cheese and crackers, various fruits and vegetables. It is important that all families make their snack contribution, as the cost of this is heavily supported by the staff in foundation stage. Families with a child in Nursery should contribute 50p and Reception children £1 each week. Thank you to those families that do always make this contrition.

Kind regards, the Foundation Stage staff.

Communication, Language and Literacy
We will be enjoying traditional tales this half term and will be beginning with Jack and the Beanstalk. We will be retelling the story, as well as acting it out, whilst also thinking about how the characters may feel. In Reception we will be writing postcards to and from the Giant and Jack.


Physical Development
We will be concentrating on our fine motor development further this half term, using scissors, pencils and tools with more skill.  As always we will be continuing to develop the children’s self care skills, making sure the children are learning to dress themselves, as well as learning more about how we can live a healthy lifestyle. 


Personal, Social and Emotional Development
We are great at sharing and caring for each other in our school, but we always make sure we are developing our social skills. It’s really important we are proud of ourselves too, so we’re sure there will be plenty more achievements to celebrate this half term too. 


Expressive Art and Design
We will be making some of the resources we need to develop out beautiful new house, starting with a giant beanstalk. We will be continuing our musical development through creating movement to various types of music, as well as exploring the way we can change instrumental sound.


Come and See
We will be starting our term with our ‘Good News’ topic, where will be thinking of our own good news and making links to the good news of God’s love for everyone. We will learn of the gift of the Holy Spirit given for all at Pentecost and the way this good news is shared from the Church.  We will then move on to our Judaism unit, where we will learn about how our Jewish friends live and what they believe.


We will be exploring Shape, Space and Measure further this half term. We will be exploring and comparing the capacity of containers, as well as the weight of objects…starting with the weight of Jack’s various sized beans! We will then be creating pictures using shape, as well as making our own 3D shapes. 


Understanding the World
We will be thinking about good news in our Come and See unit, so will link this to thinking about happy times we have enjoyed with our family, joining in with customs and we will continue to work and develop our skills in using lots of technology, including iPads, cameras and beebots.


We will be learning the names of many farm animals in Spanish this term, as well as a song called ‘un elephante se balanceaba’. We will also be learning some more verbs as well as continuing to secure learning our numbers to 20.