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Hi my name is Paige and I was a kitchen maid , hi I'm Sam - I was a house maid, hi my name is Victor and I was a gardener  and we went to the Victorian Christmas(Croxteth Hall) .The kitchen maids cooked mince pies,truffles and biscuits.The house maids had to clean lots of rooms and the gardeners were made to dig giant holes!We made lots of new friends and we are going to tell you about the Victorian jobs that we took part in:
 There were 3 footmen (Jack,Jay Jay and Brandon)
  There were 2 stables boys (Macauley and Joseph)
 There were 3 gardeners (Victor,Mohammed and Hasan)
 There were 8 kitchen maids (Paige,Hana,Aliya,Stepanie,Becky,Hadeel,Lauren and Zara)
 There were 4 house-maids (Sam,Kim,Hollie and Laetitia)
  There were 3  wood-cutters (James,Josh.k and Josh.f)

There were 3 guests (Iman,Modestia and Soumaya)
The kitchen maids held 2 dead birds that Lord Sefton shot.
Over-all it was amazing!