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Who's Who

With effect from 1st September 2019

Headteacher and Child Protection Co-ordinator - Mrs G. Murphy

Senior Leadership Team

 Deputy Headteacher - Mrs M.White

Assistant Headteacher, EYS Lead - Miss J.Clegg

Assistant Headteacher & KS2 Lead - Mrs C. Keegan

Learning Mentor (FS & KS1) - Mrs P. Williams

Learning Mentor (KS2) Mrs A. Parkinson

School Business Manager - Mrs G. Wilson

Year Group       Teaching Staff       Learning Support
Nursery Mrs S. Aitken

Miss S. Prescott (AM)


Reception  Miss J. Clegg/Mrs K. Downes


Mrs A. Ahmed


Year 1  H

Miss G. Harris

Mrs K. Smith (1:1)

Miss M. Jones (1:1)

Miss E. Lord

Year 1 K

Miss K. King

Mrs  J. Hambleton

Mrs L. Eke

Year 2 M

Miss K. Maddocks

Mrs J. Carr-Hurst
Year 2 H Mrs K. Head

Miss N. McCormack

Year 3 C Miss B. Coffey

Mrs A.M. Patterson

Mrs B. Torkornoo (1:1)

Year 3 M Miss A. McCann Mrs L. Stefanov 
Year 4 D Miss L. Doherty

Mr S. Bestwick

Year 4 M Mrs K McCormick

Mr M. Embaye

Year 5 M

Mrs S. Dade

Year 5 K

Mrs C. Keegan


Year 6 M

Miss S. Mulgrew

Miss A. Phengsavanh

Mrs N. Sanyu


School Business Manager - Mrs G. Wilson

Admin Officer - Mrs J. Austin

Admin Assistant - Mrs L. Quinn

Support Staff

Site Manager - Mr B. Taylor

Pool Manager - Mr T. Stevenson

Catering Staff

Chef - Mr R. Stanley

Mrs T. Rollinson

Mrs J. Anderson

Miss J. Smith

Mrs S. Tooley

Lunchtime Supervisors

Mrs M. Bloor

Mrs B. Donnelly

Mrs W. Abebayehu

Mrs P. Ropotia

Miss F. Annan

Mrs. P. Clinton

Cleaning Staff

Mrs T. Rollinson

Miss J. Smith

Mrs J. Anderson

Mrs S. Tooley
Mrs w. Abedabyehu

Mrs S. Gomis Mendy