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Year 1 1H

Welcome to the 1H class page. Here you can find out information about our class along with photographs celebrating our learning. 


If you have any questions, concerns or information you would like to talk to us about then please do not hesitate to get in touch - we are always here to support your family in any way we can. 


Thank you for your support with your child’s learning this year and for the privilege of being your child’s teacher.


Best wishes, 

Miss Harris, Mrs Smith, Miss Jones and Miss Lord 

Key Information:


P.E. is on a Monday. Children can wear their P.E. kits to school on this day. 


Please remember to bring in your child’s reading book and reading record every morning.

It would really support your child's progress in reading if they could read their class reading book at home each day. Guidance on how best to help your child progress with their reading will be communicated via the yellow reading record. 



Home Learning Update

W/C 30/3/20


Dear 1H, here are some more home learning opportunities for you to explore while our school is closed. These are just some ideas related to what we would have been studying next week in school. They are not compulsory and you should still have lots left to explore in your home learning packs! As ever, please do not hesitate to get in touch if I can support you in any way and I hope you are all staying safe. 



What has happened to your cress seed? 

Can you draw a picture of it and label the parts: stem, leaves, roots. 

What do you think will happen next?

What do you think would happen if we put the seedling in a dark cupboard?



See these links for games and composition software:


(2Beat, 2Explore and 2Sequence).


Challenges: Can you tap out a pulse and keep it steady as you move around tapping different parts of your body and household objects? 


Can you clap out the syllables in your name and different household objects? Play ‘I clap!’ (Like I-spy, but clap the syllables instead!)


Can you teach your adult the song ‘See the Dragon Come?’ Make up some actions together. Can you keep the pulse? 


The University of Liverpool is now streaming its weekly lunchtime concerts and there are some activity packs for children on the website:


More music activities can be found on our school music page:



Measuring length: What is the longest thing you can find in your house? What is the shortest thing? How could you measure them? Would you use the same thing to measure both objects? Could you use your maths cubes (provided in the learning pack). 


Time: Can you add times (to the hour) to your sentences below? 


More free maths activities can be found at:


Free video lessons and worksheets are available at: 



Write some sentences to describe your daily routine using the sequencing words ‘first’, ‘then’ and ‘finally’. Make sure to check your sentence for capital letters, finger-spaces and full stops. Extra challenge: polish your sentence by adding two adjectives. Remember, adjectives describe nouns (people, places and things). 



First, I get out of bed. At 7 O’clock I drink a refreshing cup of tea. 


You can also download a free learning pack at LiteracyCounts by following this link:


PE: Try some cosmic kids yoga!


RE: Think about a kind thing you can do for someone else in your household during Lent. Draw a picture of this in your exercise book. 



Free ebooks from Oxford Owl

You can search by your child’s RWI level (the colour of the reading books sent home). 

Some Photographs of Our Learning: