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Year 2

Hi Year 2,


We miss you all very much! Here are some ideas of work for you to try at home. There is no pressure for you to complete everything, as we know it's a lot and some of it might be tricky. Just try your best as you always do!


Videos to support each of the White Rose Maths documents and the answers can be found using the following link: 

Some Ideas for home learning w/b 22.6.20



Collect a variety of natural objects such as twigs, leaves, seeds and petals from outside and create a picture on a blank sheet of paper. Use you imagination to arrange the items in any way you like. You could create an abstract pattern; or use them to create an animal; create a flower or a plant. You can add to your ideas by drawing additional detail e.g. create the body of a hedgehog with twigs, then draw its head and feet. 


Why not take a photograph of your work and share it on Twitter!



Some ideas for learning at home (WB: 8.6.20)

Following the space launch last week, why not make your own rocket or space station from recycled rubbish. You can use boxes, tin foil, bottle tops etc. 

Or you could find out about space and the solar system. Perhaps you would like to draw or make a model of the solar system. 

Why not tweet pictures of your work for us all to see!

Have fun children!


some ideas for learning at home week 7 (w/b: 18.5.20)

The booklet below is taken from the 'Oxford Owl' website. For our Year 2 children, focus on 2, 5 and 10 times tables first and then challenge yourself to learn the 3 times table. Remember practise makes perfect!

Some ideas for learning at home - Week 6 (W/B 11/5/20)

Some challlenges from PE4all to keep you and your family active. Have a go!

The two links below are home learning websites. They have live lessons, tutorials and other resources that you may like to use.


The list of websites below are some favourites of Mrs Head and Miss Maddocks.                      


Depending on what your child loves to learn about you could have:

Planet of the day.

Animal of the day.

Country of the day.

Artist of the day.

Song of the day.

King or Queen of the day.