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Year 4

Hello and welcome to our year 4 class page! Keep an eye on this out for all the amazing and intersting things we will be getting up to 🏆

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Swimming will continue on a Wednesday morning, please remember to bring your kit! 

PE will be on a Thursday morning with Mr Embaye. Children are reminded they can wear their PE kits and trainers to school on Thursdays to ensure they have all they need for their lesson. We will also be doing our 'kickstart kilometre' daily, so please make sure you have suitable running shoes in school!

Year 4 had the best time visiting the Liverpool World Museum on Friday 4th May. We explored Ancient Egypt and even enetered the Mummy room to see some real life artefacts! Later on, we met Mohamed, a Noble man who we were asked to Mummify. With the help of Layla, we were able to successfully send Mohamed to the afterlife! Check out our pictures from the day 

Plants and living things

As our next strand of science is biology, we got straight to work learning how to use microscopes, as this would be a very integral part of our investigations. We also had a visit from some rather 'snappy' friends. We all enjoyed learning about the Venus Fly Traps today. We're excited to fill our brains with even more knowledge. 

Making salt dough maps in geography

We made our own 3D map of Mexico, including the key physical features. We made sure we were very precise with the shaping, and used aerial and satellite images to help us. We noticed that Mexico is very mountainous, and so we carefully created this. Our next step is to paint them when they're dry, and add a key. 
We enjoyed our amazing time in Colomendy, in February. From making our own beds, scaling towers, swinging from trees and dancing in the disco, we couldn't have asked for a more rewarding, exciting, interesting three days. Thank you to all the staff and all the children that embraced every challenge 👏🏻🏆

Whoosh bottle!

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We found that, when we put energy into the alcohol inside the container (by shaking it) we could make the liquid evaporate. The oxygen inside the container mixes with the alcohol vapour to cause a combustion reasction! As a result, we are left with carbon dioxide and water. There is no oxygen left in the container, so the match is extinguished.

Thixotropic substance in action!

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We mixed cornflour with water to make a crumbly type mixture. We then saw that by using the pressure of our hands, we could make this into a solid, because the particles were compressed. When we let go, we released the pressure causing the substance to behave like a liquid. How clever!!
We're really enjoying our science lessons, using Empiribox. This term we're looking at Particle theory, and states of matter. We have already investigated diffusion and thixotropic substances. Keep an eye out for more of our mind blowing experiments!

Can you hear our message loud and clear?! 

Stop bullying!!

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During music, the children leaned to sing in cannon using the stop bullying song. Don't they portray the message beautifully?

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