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Creative Challenge Curriculum

At St Anne's Catholic Primary School we believe that high standards result from an emphasis on creative, cross-curricular and skills-based learning, engendering an enjoyment of learning but with a rigorous emphasis on skills development and progress.


Staff at St Anne’s have collaborated closely with St Sebastian’s to devise a new and inspiring Creative Challenge Curriculum. This has been implemented with a view to improving further the quality of our teaching and learning, with a strong emphasis on challenge for all our children. We endeavour to ensure our children are motivated and inspired to want to learn by providing a broad and balanced curriculum with stimulating cross curricular links and skill based learning, with an emphasis on progression.


The Creative Challenge Curriculum has a themed approach. We hope the themes will speak to our children, our parents and our wider school community. Core Values are embedded within our teaching and learning and formally planned for throughout the academic year (See our British Values website link).


Through these themes, children can appreciate the links between subjects, which further develop their understanding. We have reflected our changing world with themes like “Going Global”, and our commitment to celebrating different cultures with the themes “Bollywood” and “Carnival Fever.” Our own communities are celebrated in the themes “In my Liverpool Home” and “Magical Mystery Tour.”


Teachers plan units of work, within themes, emphasising Maths, English, ICT and creative links so that all dimensions of learning are explored and developed. We have devised our curriculum on a two yearly cycle, cross curricular approach. Our Creative Challenge Curriculum is a working, developing document, whereby planning, teaching and learning is continually evaluated, monitored and revised in light of subject monitoring.


Equal Opportunities

At our school we strongly promote self-respect for all in our school irrespective of race, creed or gender. Care will be taken to ensure that resources do not present stereo-typical images or gender bias, rather role models from diverse backgrounds and cultures reflecting the diverse nature of our society.


Should you require any further information about our curriculum please speak to your class teacher.


Yearly and termly overviews can be found in the links below.