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External Link: Please click here to find the National Curriculum Programmes of Study for Geography

Geography Vision

At St Anne’s, we are committed to providing a life long curiosity and fascination about the world and it’s people. Our vision is to support pupils from the very youngest to the oldest by capitalising on their natural curiosity and fascination about the world and it’s people, providing awe and wonder moments and giving them a secure ‘sense of place’.

We aim to support the development of knowledge and skill progression throughout children’s school experience from Nursery onwards. So that by Year 6 children will have a secure contextual knowledge of location, a deep understanding of geographical processes, the competency to use a range of geographical skills, and a keen enthusiasm for the subject.

We believe that by nurturing and developing our pupils’ communication skills, they will be empowered with the skills and knowledge they need to be valuable and productive participants in the world. Within our planned topics, each year group will undertake units to enhance their Sense of Place, focusing on developing their fieldwork and mapping skills. Teachers and children utilise our outdoor classroom effectively to maximise their fascination about the local and global world around them.

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