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“Children who never have a story read to them, who never hear words that rhyme, who never imagine fighting with dragons or marrying a prince, have the odds overwhelmingly against them.” – Maryanne Wolf

At St Anne’s we feel teaching a child to read and supporting them to develop a love of reading is one of the greatest gifts we can give them! Reading is the key to all areas of learning. It allows us to enjoy a lifetime of being able to seek out information, transporting ourselves into the world of a book and sharing this joy with others.

There are many ways in which you, as parents and carers, can support your child to develop their reading skills and a love of reading. Please have a look through the documents below which have been shared at parent workshops, which will help you to support your child with their phonics and reading development.

Workshop information is always shared on our website and news letters.

If you require any further information or help please contact our main office and ask to speak with Mrs Keegan or Mrs Downes.

Oxford Owl Reading has 250 free eBooks for you to share with your child as well as simple ideas, top tips, activities and games to help your child with their reading at home.

Please click on the link below to register online where you will be able to download a large selection of free e-books!

As well as information on supporting your child, you’ll also find advice from educational experts on many areas including phonics,motivating boys and how to help a child who is struggling with their reading.

External Link: Supporting your child’s vocabulary at home

Reading with your child

Download: Top Ten Tips [PDF]
Download: Reading Stories to your Children [PDF]
External Link: Oxford Owl Reading

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