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St. Anne’s Catholic Primary School’s Curriculum Vision


Curriculum rationale


The staff and governors of St Anne’s have a clear vision of the education we provide for our children. Our curriculum has been designed to match our Mission Statement aim to be an ‘inclusive learning community which provides an education that fully recognises the uniqueness, gifts and talents of each member of our school community. ‘We believe that the curriculum should inspire and challenge all children and prepare them to be lifelong learners; we believe that the curriculum is a powerful tool that promotes equality of opportunity, develops aspirations, encourages a willingness to explore, take risks and develops a love of learning. We recognise that children have a thirst for knowledge and we are committed to nurturing young: writers, performers, readers, international speakers, mathematicians, scientists, historians, geographers, artists, designers, musicians, sports persons, computer users and so much more. Every child is encouraged to succeed through our broad, balanced and enriching curriculum, based upon strongly held Christian values preparing children for life in modern Britain. The Catholic ethos is central to all that we do in school and our vision for loving, learning and growing in faith is paramount to all that we do.

We are passionate in our belief that the curriculum underpins all of our provision as a school, and that through it the children should receive good spiritual, moral, social and cultural guidance and, as a result, make excellent progress socially and academically, equipping them to become the good citizens and leaders of tomorrow. We strive to ensure that there is a broad range of enrichment opportunities including free-to-all extra-curricular activities which promote learning, personal growth and development.

The 2014 National Curriculum differs from previous versions in a number of ways. It encourages a deeper learning, the mastery of fewer objectives and through high quality teaching, children will learn and remember securely, the knowledge, understanding and skills across all curriculum areas that will equip them for the future workplace. It fosters embedded learning and allows children to demonstrate what they know, can do and understand by practising fluency, reasoning and problem solving independent from direct teaching.

Language is a key focus for us, both to develop the children’s communication abilities and also to provide them with the rich and specific vocabulary from across the curriculum, further enhancing their subject knowledge and understanding. Our commitment to the Voice 21 Oracy project will ensure that the four strands of Oracy (physical, linguistic, cognitive and social and emotional skills) are interwoven within our curriculum. We wish for every child, regardless of their background, to find their voice for success in school and in life.

Our mission in St Anne’s is to tailor the curriculum specifically for our children, to plan and delivery to suit the needs of the learners. We work hard to continue to create and develop a curriculum that harnesses all of the statutory objectives creating school schemes of work and topics, which are relevant and stimulating to children in the locality they live and teaches them about the wider world, breaking down cultural and physical barriers.

Having such a culturally diverse school is a cause for celebration for us and the children learn about heritage, culture and diversity of our families through our curriculum. We are grateful to be part of such a vibrant city and the children have many opportunities to learn about Liverpool’s heritage as they progress through the school.



Should you require any further information about our curriculum please contact Mrs Keegan, Curriculum Lead.