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Creative Challenge Curriculum


At St Anne's Catholic Primary School our curriculum has been designed to match our Mission Statement aim to be an ‘inclusive learning community which provides an education that fully recognises the uniqueness, gifts and talents of each member of our school community.’

We endeavour to ensure our children are motivated and inspired to want to learn by providing a broad and balanced curriculum with stimulating cross curricular links and knowledge and skills based learning, with an emphasis on progression. We believe that high standards result from an emphasis on creative, cross-curricular, knowledge and skills-based learning, engendering an enjoyment of learning but with a rigorous emphasis on knowledge and skills development and progress.



In order to allow the children to fully develop these aptitudes, language is a key focus for us, both to develop the children’s communication abilities, and also to provide them with the rich and specific vocabulary from across the curriculum, further enhancing their subject specific knowledge and understanding. Our commitment to the Voice 21 Oracy project will ensure that the four strands of Oracy (physical, linguistic, cognitive, and social and emotional skills) are interwoven within our curriculum. We wish for every child, regardless of their background, to find their voice for success in school and in life.

We believe that immersing children in experiential learning deepens their understanding of concepts and allows them to apply knowledge and skills across the curriculum.  Our children benefit from visiting places and hearing experts speak; opportunities that they may not otherwise benefit from. 

Having such a culturally diverse school is a cause for celebration for us and the children learn about the heritage, culture and diversity of our families through our curriculum.  We are grateful to be part of such a vibrant city and the children have many opportunities to learn about Liverpool’s heritage as they progress through the school.

Teachers plan units of work, within themes, emphasising Maths, English, ICT and creative links so that all dimensions of learning are explored and developed. We have devised our curriculum on a two yearly cycle, cross curricular approach. Our Creative Challenge Curriculum is a working, developing document, whereby planning, teaching and learning is continually evaluated, monitored and revised in light of subject monitoring.


Equal Opportunities

At our school we strongly promote self-respect for all in our school irrespective of race, creed or gender. Care will be taken to ensure that resources do not present stereo-typical images or gender bias, rather role models from diverse backgrounds and cultures reflecting the diverse nature of our society.


Should you require any further information about our curriculum please contact Mrs Keegan, Curriculum Lead.