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Equality Objectives

The Equality Act 2010 replaced all previous legislation in relation to equal opportunities. In line with this legislation St Anne's provides  equal opportunity for all children and adults, giving due regard to groups with ‘protected characteristics’, in terms of
  • gender
  •  race
  • disability
  • sexual orientation
  •  religion/belief
  • age
  •  gender reassignment,
  • pregnancy/maternity
  • marriage/civil partnership.



Equality Objectives

 1.Promoting equality of opportunity for members of identified groups.

 Objective 1

 By June 2018

  We will diminish the difference in attainment between boys and girls.

  a) Boys will attain more closely to girls in writing in EYs and KS1.

  b) Girls will attain more equally to boys in Mathematics at KS2.

  c) Disadvantaged children will achieve more closely to non-disadvantaged in Phonics
     Screening Check at YR1

 2. Fostering good relations between different groups of students.


 Objective 2


 By June 2018

  We will help our most vunerable to achieve in line with thier peers by continuing and
  developing further our excellent work in supporting the wellbeing, social emotional
  development of our children by carefully selecting for strategies such as:-

           Shy Lowen Horse Sanctuary
           Bark and Read 
           Responsibilities in school e.g. digital leaders, school council, buddies etc.


Both objectives are supported by SD Priorities. The detail of how they will be achieved can be found in the SDP and also the Pupil Premium strategy.