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Welcome to the Governors' section


Welcome to the Governors’ Section of the St Anne’s Catholic Primary School website.

The governors of St Anne’s Catholic Primary School bring their knowledge and experience of different areas of life and  use these to aim for excellence in caring for and educating all the children in our school.


The governors are entrusted with ensuring that the school is run well so as to promote pupil achievement. Their key duties include:-

  • setting the strategic direction the school is to take
  • deciding on the policies
  • selecting the objectives
  • approving the school’s annual budget
  • reviewing the progress made
  • acting as a ‘critical friend’ in both supporting and challenging the Headteacher.

Additionally, the Foundation Governors (7 of the 12) have a legal duty to:-

  • preserve the Catholic character of the school
  • develop this Catholic character
  • ensure that the school is conducted in accordance with its Trust Deed. (An important aspect of this involves supporting and upholding the Catholic ethos of the school).

The governors consider themselves lucky to be blessed with such a strong and positively committed staff as well as a very supportive community which constantly encourages our children to always aim for excellence.

The governors hope that you find this website both useful and informative. If you wish to contact us you are welcome to do so. You can email or leave a message at the school's office.


Mike Shaw

(Chair of Governing Body)

Link to statutory guidance:


Any Catholic Parishioners who are interested in becoming a School Governor and would like further information please contact Mrs G Wilson, Clerk to Governors on 0151 709 1698 or email


     St Anne's Catholic Primary Governing Body for 2022-23


NameCategoryDate AppointedAppointed ByTerm of OfficeRoles and Links
Mrs G MurphyHead-teacher01/09/2019Governing BodyN/A


Mr M Shaw




01/09/2020Archdiocese4 Years

Attendance  Behaviour

Staff Wellbeing

Pupil Leadership Team

Mrs J McKenna

Vice Chair

Foundation Governor

25/02/2020Archdiocese4 Years


Deputy Safeguarding

Mr M ArmstrongLA Governor09/11/2020Local Authority4 Years

Health & Safety
Art & DT

Miss A O'CallaghanFoundation Governor21/12/2020Archdiocese4 Years



Ms SerirParent
13/01/2020Parent Election4 YearsPE
Miss A KayayanFoundation
01/09/2020Archdiocese4 years





Dr T Phillips Foundation Governor 02/06/2021Archdiocese4 years


Pupil Premium

Sports Premium

 Miss E MacKenzieFoundation Governor04/02/2022Archdiocese4 yearsMaths
Miss A McCannStaff Governor 31/10/2022Staff Election4 years



Foundation Governor Vacancy     
Parent Governor Vacancy     



                                    Register of Pecuniary Interests 2022-23


Name                    Declaration of Interests
Mrs G Murphy                                                                Governor at Abercromby Nursery
Mr M ShawNone Declared
Mr M ArmstrongTrustee City of Liverpool Lions Club
Miss A O'CallaghanAssistant Headteacher St Aloysius Catholic Primary
Ms A KayayanTeacher Sacred Heart Catholic Primary School
Mrs J McKenna None Declared
Ms D SerirNone Declared
Dr T Phillips

None Declared

Mrs E MacKenzieHeadteacher St Clare's Catholic Primary School
Ms A McCannNone delcared

Governor Meeting Schedule 2022/23


Autumn Term 1 2022


Full Governing Board Meeting

Tuesday 20th September 2022 5.00pm


Autumn Term 2 2022

Full Governing Board Meeting


Tuesday 15th November 2022 5.00pm



Spring Term 1 2023


Full Governing Board Meeting


Tuesday 17th January 2023



Spring Term 2 2023


Full Governing Board Meeting


Tuesday 21st  March 2023




Summer Term 1 2023


Full Governing Board Meeting


Tuesday 23rd May 2023



Summer Term 2 2023


Full Governing Board Meeting


Tuesday 4th July 2023


Governors’ Induction Pack (Link below to open and download)

New governor induction pack produced by St. Anne’s Catholic Primary School. This pack helps to explain the roles and responsibilities of being a governor, how the governing body is structured in our school and how the governing body carries out its duties.

This pack includes the following:

  • The responsibilities of a governor
  • The different types of governor
  • The responsibilities of the Head teacher, Leadership Team and the Chair of Governors
  •  Being an effective governor
  •  The governing body membership and structure
  •  Useful terms and abbreviations

Relevant supporting information can be found on the school website