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History and The Recovery Curriculum

Our history curriculum has been carefully planned to ensure continued progression following assessment of children's current starting points, identifying their strengths and any gaps in their learning. History presents many opportunities to re-visit and build upon existing knowledge and skills, with planning built around its key concepts across KS1 and KS2. 

Feedback from class teachers will inform the review of future planning to ensure that crucial knowledge and skills are identified and if necessary objectives adapted to support children in their history learning.


Blended Learning in History

Here at St Anne's our children love exploring, discovering and learning about events in history together - discovering facts and establishing new understanding of the impact of past events and eras on our lives. Just for now we have to embark on this journey with a more independent approach, but hopefully we will soon be back to enjoy our journey of discovery together. Therefore we are determined that history learning be accessible to all of our children either at school or at home. History learning is all around us. It seems that at the moment almost every days sees a news item where history is being made both at home in the UK and around the world. Children could record a diary of daily news items and events which are currently having an impact on their own life and of those around them. There are many excellent resources available including access to the Historical Association, BBC Bitesize as well as the websites for our local museums and galleries. There are also lots of amazing 'Little People, Big Dreams' books which tell the life stories of many significant individuals from history, e-books can be accessed through Read Liverpool if you are a library member.


Historical Association


BBC Bitesize

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Liverpool Museums and Galleries




Our Vision for History at St Anne’s Catholic Primary School

It is our vision at St Anne’s that our children should have positive attitudes towards and great enthusiasm for History.

Children are encouraged to be interested in and observant about the historical and social aspects of their local environment, British and World history.

By the time the children leave us at the end of year six we aim for them to be confident to ask questions, provide explanations based on evidence, put forward opinions and present their own point of view. Through the study of history we will equip them with investigative and enquiry skills alongside the ability to analyse, evaluate and present evidence competently.

We hope that our children will always ask the question ‘why’ and take with them a deep respect for the values and cultures of people represented in the past and present, alongside an appreciation of their own identity and heritage.


History Policy

Progression of skills in History

Autumn Term 2020


We have an exciting term ahead in our History learning across the school,


Early Years will be learning all about themselves and their families, establishing their own identity and place in the world.



Year 1 and Year 2 will be discovering the story of the Titanic. They will find out about changes in transport over time and also create timelines to place their learning in time.



Year 3 and Year 4 will be exploring The Greeks and The Romans and their influences/impact on the history of the UK.


Year 5 and Year 6 will be investigating the Victorian Era. They will be discovering what it was like for children to live in that era as well as the impact of various inventions from that time. 


All year groups will be exploring chronology and developing their understanding of how aspects and eras in history feature in time and can cross over and have an impact across the world.  





Remembrance Day 2020


We were approached before the half term break by Sam Raymond from St Luke's Bombed Out Church with an invitation to participate in their Poppy Project.


We were delighted to be able to send 20 poppies to Sam and his team on Thursday 5th November to be added to the Garden of Remembrance at the Church.  


I am sure that you will agree that the Memorial looks fantastic!


If you have time pop along to the Church on Leece Street to see the memorial for yourself.

Black History Month


During the month of October each class has been exploring and celebrating diversity and difference through literature related to Black History month. We have been inspired, by stories from the past and present, to share our reactions, hopes, ideas and experiences with our friends. We are privileged at St Anne's, the Friendship School, to be part of a community where difference and diversity is embraced and celebrated each and every day. We pray that the world around us can learn from the example of our children.

Suggestions for enjoying more History learning outside school.


Our children here at St Anne’s are enthusiastic about History and enjoy the topics that they explore in School. So why not encourage their interest outside School and visit one of our local museums for a fantastic day out and entry to each venue is free!

At the World Museum you will discover amazing collections including Ancient Civilisations, The Natural World and Dinosaurs. The Ancient Egypt Gallery has some interesting and unusual artefacts on display. Just visit for more information or follow them on Twitter @World_Museum

Try the Museum of Liverpool to discover more about the history of life in Liverpool including transport, community, music, sport and trade. Visit to find out more.

The Maritime Museum offers a wealth of information about our city’s heritage as an international port and its trade links across the world. You will find models of various shipping vessels on display including the famous Lusitania.


Fun History Activities for you to enjoy.


Research the history of Liverpool in cartoon images at 


Research the history of our two famous football clubs at


BBC Bitesize is a great resource for all areas of the curriculum and has some interesting History topics for you to enjoy.