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Hello and welcome back to Reception. We have a very exciting Summer Term planned for our children with lots of fantastic events coming up! Please refer to our weekly Newsletters for information about our upcoming events such as our Whole School Day Trip Out, our celebration of 50 years of the Summer of Love and... Stay and Cook Sessions for you and your child! Yummy!


Our Learning Journey outlines what we will be focusing on this term. Please use this as a point of reference when discussing your child's learning with them at home. Summer promises to bring with it some beautiful weather but it is very important we stay safe- remember to allow your child to wear a sun hat such as a cap (with their name on the inside) to protect us from the sun's beams and stop us from getting headaches outdoors!

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Reception enjoyed our end of year celebration trip to Knowsley Safari Park! We found out lots of interesting facts such as a group of lions is called a "pride", sea lions can weigh up to 40 pounds and that buffalo are actually very gentle animals! Thank you Knowsley Safari Park for a wonderful trip! 

Refugee Week

The children in Reception recently participated in Refugee Week. As part of developing our understanding of this very important part of our society, we played "glasses, glasses what do you see?" Our glasses have superpowers that when worn allow us to see the good, beautiful, amazing qualities we possess! We each recognised these qualities on our friends and told them, what we see! We all have strengths and together we are stronger when we work together and respect each other!

Outdoor Learning

Talk 4 Writing

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Reception have been busy working hard on 'Talk 4 Writing'. They learnt the well known story 'Little Rabbit Foo Foo' a story of a naughty rabbit who could get turned into a Goonie if he does not change his behaviour. We hope you like RBC's version of the story. It is called 'Little Cheeky Monkey'.

Reception love to observe the changes that occur all around us on a daily basis especially to the environment and animals. To help us develop in our understanding of this we enjoyed a visit from some unhatched eggs. We predicted what might be inside the eggs and we were delighted to find baby chicks once the eggs hatched! We were very gentle when we handled the chicks to make them feel safe! 



We have been thinking about how to take care of animals. Therefore, we have been learning about the role of a vet and groomer. As a result, we have created our own Veterinary Surgery and The Groom Room. We have been taking on the role of a vet, groomer, receptionist and pet owner in our Veterinary Surgery and The Groom Room along with undertaking the responsibilities of these roles. We have also had lots of fun creating our own posters and writing bills which are displayed in our Veterinary Surgery and The Groom Room. Take a look below at some of our exciting learning that has been taking place!

We enjoyed caring for the many animals we have been learning about at Farmer Ted's!

We have recently enjoyed learning about 'The Three Little Pigs'. Using our Talk 4 Writing strategy, we created a story map and retold the story.  Following this, we created our own story called 'The Three Little Sheep'. We have enjoyed building houses in the role of our animal characters, creating representations of our favourite characters using 2Paint, sequencing the story and writing sentences about the characters. We even received a letter of apology from the big, bad wolf!


Reception love to learn and we love to learn through play! Some of our best learning occurs through our exploration of play and investigating the areas that surround us! 
Reception have recently been exploring the concept of Autumn and the signs that allow us to know Autumn is amongst us. We enjoyed a trip to Calderstones Park with the guidance of Richie the Ranger to help us spot signs of Autumn such as red berries, conkers, acorns, fallen leaves and so much more!